Green Drink Weight Loss — Cut Out These Carbs And Lose 5 Pounds Of Bloat In One Week

If you eat a diet too high in bad processed carbs and sodium you hold excess water throughout your body that causes you to bloat. If you cut out the bad carbs and sodium the bloat goes away and you lose weight. Sounds like a simple enough solution right Cutting out the bad carbs IS simple if the bad carbs are replaced with good unprocessed carbs like raw veggies green drink powder whole grains and high fiber fresh fruit. Because…

You do need carbs for your body and brain to function so you really do need to have good carbs like green drinks and other veggies at every meal. If you don’t eat carbs at every meal your body can’t function and it goes into starvation mode and stores fat.

Not all carbohydrates are created equal.

Your carbohydrate choices affect your energy mood and metabolic processes. Your body processes carbohydrates that are rich in fiber (i.e. unprocessed carbohydrates like raw vegetables and green drinks) differently than those that are left with little or no fiber as a result of processing and refining (i.e. processed carbohydrates like white bread and candy).

So here’s how to lose the 5 pounds of bloat in one week

1. Cut salt and bad carbs from your diet completely. Here’s what’s bad when it comes to carbs

– Anything processed. This means anything that didn’t go straight from the ground to your plate.

– Anything made with white sugar (because white sugar = processed). Check the labels white sugar is in many things. Even that sourdough bread you had your lunch sandwich on or those buttermilk pancakes. Here are some items that are usually made with white sugar ice cream cookies sandwich bread English muffins ketchup jelly or jam peanut butter salad dressing BBQ sauce.

– Anything made with white flour (because white flour = processed). Again check labels because white flour is in many things like your sandwich bread breakfast blueberry muffins breakfast cereals dinner rolls pop tarts waffles pasta.

– Dried fruit or sweetened fruit

– Potatoes that are white inside.

2. Replace the bad carbs with good carbs in your diet. Here’s what’s good (in order of best carb sources)

Green energy drinks and powder.
Raw vegetables
Grilled steamed lightly sauteed non-starchy vegetables
Legumes (lentils peas beans)
Sweet potatoes or yams
Summer squash or pumpkin
Cooked whole grains (kamut old fashioned oatmeal brown rice wild rice barley quinoa)
Fresh or frozen high fiber fruit
Sprouted or whole grain bread
Whole grain pasta

Together with your good carbs you need protein and fat to metabolize the glucose from the carbs and provide your body with energy. You also need the right ratio of carbs protein and fat.

So if you want to lose the bloat have your clothes feel loser and start to feel better about yourself start now and no cheating on those good carbs (like green drink powder). diet pills that work and work fast

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